Minor stories are unlocked by finding new cards.

No. 1 Event Edit

No. Title Cards Story
1 The Zoo (Special) Gringolet Icon (Special) Ywain's Lion Icon
Ywain’s Lion "GROWL..."
Gringolet "NEIGH..."
Guinevere "When did Camelot turn into a zoo?"
2 Perpetual Motion (Support) Lynette Icon (Support) Lyonesse Icon (Second) Gareth Icon
3 Silent Couple
(A Silent Couple)
(Support) Enide Icon (Second) Erec Icon
4 Iseult the Closet Drinker (Support) Brangaine Icon (Support) Iseult the Blond Icon
Brangaine "Love Potion is in this cabinet, my Purr Potion is in that one."
Iseult the Blond "Phew, it's hot today!"
Brangaine "What do you think you're drinking?"
Iseult the Blond "Hm? Just the Cleavage Potion, Sexy Potion, and the Popularity Potion."
Brangaine "Noooooo!!!"
7 Woman Power (Support) Ragnelle Icon (First) Gawain Icon
Ragnelle "Today, we're talking about woman power!"
Ragnelle "So Gawain, I want you to head overseas to fetch some Iberico pork and caviar."
Gawain "Are we talking about gender equality or are you just using me as an errand boy?"
Ragnelle "Unless you'd like to see."
Gawain "Fine, fine! I just have to get it, right?!"
8 Tristan the Lover (Support) Brangaine Icon (Support) Iseult of the White Hands Icon (Second) Tristan Icon (Support) Iseult the Blond Icon
Iseult the Blond "Call me the tragic heroine! King Tristan and I are having a fall out."
Iseult of the White Hands "I'm still married to King Tristan, for your information."
Brangaine "This is hard for me to say, but I lost a lot when I fooled King Mark."
All "..."
Guinevere "I think they have a concensus. They're totally going to punch that guy."
9 Unsolicited Support
(Kitchen Problems)
(Support) Laudine Icon (Support) Lunete Icon (Second) Ywain Icon
Lunete "Yow! There is an army of roaches in the kitchen!!!"
Laudine "Ywain, I only live to serve my knight. You have my wholehearted support."
Ywain "I don't wanna deal with it either!"
Laudine "Ywain, Ywain, it's your domain!!!"
Ywain "Darn it! Guess this means I can't just sweep them out the window into the outer moat..."
12 Runs in the Family (Second) Agravain Icon (First) Gawain Icon (Second) Gaheris Icon (Second) Gareth Icon
Gawain "Mwahaha! Do not run your mouth before we cross swords!"
Agravain "Hehe. I will find your weakness. I specialize in finding information about infidelity and scandals!"
Gaheris "My name is Gaheris! I will cut down all evil even if it's my own mother! That is the Gaheris way!"
Gareth "I have to live up to the standard all my siblings have set!"
13 A Knight's Trial (Support) Elza Icon (Second) Telramund Icon (Support) Ortrud Icon (Second) Lohengrin Icon
Otrud "Your honor! I bear witness to Elsa [sic] eating all the communal doughnuts!"
Telramund "Duly noted! She rejected me once, so all the more proof that she's guilty as charged!"
Elsa [sic] "This is too lopsided! Is there no wise council to help prove my innocence?"
Lohengrin "Both sides seem to have their own stories, so just duke it out. The first to dry is guilty!"
Telramund "You are the most lopsided one of us all!!!"
17 True Lie
(Truthful Liar)
(Second) Lamorak Icon (Second) Tristan Icon
Lamorak "First you pour wine into this mystic cup."
Tristan "Uh-huh..."
Lamorak "Then when a liar picks it up, it is said that he will spill the wine due to magic."
Lamorak "Now, pick it up! As your friend, I will bestow you the opportunity to declare yourself a true knight!"
Tristan "Lamorak, I don't know if you've noticed, but you are spilling the wine all over the place..."
18 Knights Code (Second) Ywain Icon (First) Gawain Icon (Second) Morholt Icon
Gawain "I hear Morholt is quite strong. I would love to have a spar with him."
Ywain "Well, you can't just randomly attack him on the street. There is a process to setting up a spar."
Ywain "First, I'll pick a fight with him. Then I'll lose on purpose. That's where you come in."
Gawain "Yes...revenge has always been an impetus for action. The knight's code will bring us victory!"
Morholt "Now wait just a minute, you frauds!!!"
23 Don't Do it Bedivere
(Don't Do It, Bedivere)
(Second) Lucan Icon (Control) Bedivere Icon
Bedivere "Wha are you doing, Lucan?"
Lucan "Hey. I'm stacking and carrying 20 boxes."
Lucan "This ritual must be done very varefully. You must not scare me."
Bedivere "But sis, there's a poisonous snake right there."
26 Horoscope Maniac (Prototype) Vortigern Icon
Vortigern "All I have to do is be in the front line of battle to claim the reward from the manor."
Fey "Your star horoscope says that your lucky place is a busy battlefield."
Reafe "Cat divination says your lucky item is a sword, and the tissue divination says your lucky color is blood red."
Vortigern "Tell me this sooner, idiots! Now I will fight to my heart's content!"
El "What is with him? Is he that easy to manipulate?"
29 Warning: Close Friends (Prototype) Lot Icon (Prototype) Rience Icon (Prototype) Brandegoris Icon
Brandegoris "Hey, did you look into your roots? My genes come from a king accused of treason by King Lot."
Rience "My genes come from someone King Lot struck down."
Lot "Mumbles..."
Brandegoris/Rience "We'll never forgive him!"
Lot "Hold on, guys. I'm just a clone made from his genes. I don't even know who you two are!"
32 One Man's Trash... (Second) Lucan Icon (Control) Bedivere Icon
Lucan "Bedivere! I thought His Majesty ordered you to throw away that stack of comics!"
Bedivere "I can't. I started flipping through the pages and now I can't bring myself to throw them away!"
Lucan "Give me a break! Just get it done!"
Bedivere "Okay, I'll definitely throw it away this time... Oh! This comic's about cooking..."
Lucan "Really? Huh... Whoa?! Where'd the time go?!"
33 Welcome to Britain (Invader) Bors Icon (Invader) Ban Icon
34 Colgrevance the Mediator (Second) Bors the Younger Icon (Second) Colgrevance Icon
35 Kahedin the Messenger (Second) Kahedin Icon (Second) Tristan Icon
Tristan "I don't think I'm going to make it. Can i trust you to get a message to Iseult of the White Hands?"
Kahedin "Don't get me involved in your love affairs! Besides, you just have a common cold!"
Tristan "I swear I just ran into Iseult the Blond earlier. We aren't having an affair or anything..."
Kahedin "I'm totally going to get beaten! I refuse to become a punching bag!!!"
36 The Underdog
(Support) Enide Icon (Second) Mabonagrin Icon (Second) Erec Icon
38 Fair & Square (Second) Ironside Icon (Second) Gareth Icon
Ironside "I am Ironside! Each of my seven right arms gets stronger as the sun shines brighter!"
Gareth "A true knight is not afraid to face that power head on. Now let us battle!!!"
Ironside "Rock...paper..."
Gareth "Seriously? You're going to use all seven arms in a game with only three possible choices?!"
39 Gottfried's Disappear Act (Support) Elza Icon (Second) Gottfried Icon
Gottfried "They made me change into a swan, then said I went missing. This is not normal..."
Elsa [sic] "Gottfried? Gottfried, is that you? It's good to see you!"
Gottfried "I'm home, Elsa. [sic] Do you have anything to eat besides fish?"
Elsa [sic] "Pft. If you had only came a little later I could've finished these cookies by myself..."
Gottfried "Fine! I'll go and disappear on my own next time!!!"
45 Carrot Bait & Horse
(Britain's Finest)
(Second) Pellinore Icon
Pellinore "Pardone me! I'm chasing a beast, so I'll be borrowing this horse!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Huh? What just happened here?"
Arthur (Tech Specialist) "This brat. I can't believe she had the nerve to bump... Oh no! My Excalibur is chipped!?"
Pellinore "Pardon me! I'm chasing a beast! I can't be bothered to stop, so I'll keep going!!!"
Arthur (Sorcery Master) "Is that meant to be one of Britain's finest...?"
46 Mostly Human (Second) Bisclavret Icon
Guinevere "You use your disenchanting powers against your opponents, right?"
Bisclavret "Yes. As a werewolf, I have arm strength too. I am much stronger than the average knight."
Guinevere "I am curious, why have you been collecting chicken bones in that vase over there?"
Bisclavret "What?!"
47 Attack & Defense (Invader) Lucius Icon (Second) Cador Icon
Cador "I hate that guy! He always makes other people pay for things, and he even steals my British cookies!"
Lucius "If you don't like it, then take your shop elsewhere. Find a place your customers can pass through."
Cador "Arthur! Can i punish this guy and charge everything to his tab?"
Lucius "You are no better than a hooligan!"
48 Surface Level
(Second) Tor Icon (Second) Bagdemagus Icon
49 Peeved Guivret
(Annoying Guivret)
(Second) Guivret Icon (Support) Enide Icon (Second) Erec Icon
50 Riddling Siblings (Second) Gromer Somer Joure Icon (Support) Ragnelle Icon (First) Gawain Icon
Gromer Somer Joure "First question! What is it that a refined girl wants the most?"
Gawain "Huh?! I don't"
Ragnelle "Nope. That's the worst answer ever. We want the strength to win any argument against men!"
Ragnelle "We're going to have to confiscate those British cookies from you for answering wrong!"
Gawain "Is this some new kind of scam?!"
52 Tristan's Loyalty (Second) Mark Icon (Second) Tristan Icon
Sir Mark! "Here is the war horse you've asked for!"
Mark "Wow. She's a beauty. How can I accept such a fine beast?"
Tristan "Anything else would be an insult to you, my lord. Please let me know if you need anything else."
Mark "Actually, I do have a question. Why are you so close to my wife?"
56 Clumsy Help (Second) Pelleas Icon (First) Gawain Icon
Pelleas "Gawain! I've been trying this new diet, but I'm not losing any weight? Why?!"
Gawain "Let's see. First, hand over those British cookies. You don't need that junk food."
Pelleas "..."
Gawain "But they'll go bad by the time I give them back to you. I suppose I'll just have to eat them."
Pelleas "Nooooo!!! Gawain, you're evil!!!"
57 Faerie Prize
(Faery Prize)
(Second) Meliot Icon (Second) Pellinore Icon
Pellinore "I finally found you. Hand over that Nimue, or I'll have to take it by force."
Meliot "Looks like we got trouble!"
Pellinore "There's also a beast I'm looking for. Give me a horse for the chase."
Meliot "This is outright theft! I can't believe there is a knight of Britain that would act like this!"
58 Fading Dream
(Fading Dreams)
(Second) Elyan Icon (Second) Bors the Younger Icon
Bors the Younger "Yep. Yep. This frying pan being offered is definitely the one I want."
Helin "What're you doing?"
Bors the Younger "Agh! D'oh, I just ripped the order form for my pan!"
Helin "By the way, I just ran into a lady who said she'd kill you if you ordered anything else from catalogs."
Bors the Younger "Eeep! I shouldn't get involved with this person, my dreams'll fade away!"
61 Anniversary
(The Happy Couple)
(Support) Evaine Icon (Invader) Bors Icon
62 Dissatisfaction (Support) Agravadain Icon (Invader) Ban Icon
63 Diffusing the Situation (Special) Rowena Icon (Prototype) Vortigern Icon
Vortigern "No. I can't let Arthur lead Britain! I'll lead this nation myself!"
Rowena "Now, now. Leave such boring matters to the young, will you?"
Vortigern "This is a surprise. You don't agree? Then we should at least attack the Invaders!"
Rowena "Now, now..."
Vortigern "Now, now... Are you just going to keep saying that?"
69 Beauty and its Benefits
(The Benefits of Beauty)
(Unique) Snow White Icon (Unique) Salome Icon (Unique) Cleopatra Icon
Cleopatra "There are so many things I have to deal with having the perfect eyes and nose."
Snow White "I am so beautiful that to this day my mother still hates me and tries to get me assassinated."
Salome "I was always the best at dancing, but that caused an unexpected turn of events."
Guinevere "Y-Yeah, I know, right?"
72 Signature Weapons (Unique) Hervor Icon (Unique) Dietrich Icon (Unique) Georgius Icon
Dietrich "Man, sword maintenance is not easy."
Hervor "Our swords are our signature, we've got no other choice."
Hervor "I think my sword is more well-known than I am. By the way, does that spear of yours have a name?"
Georgius "I'm just an ordinary spear."
Dietrich "Oh, okay...wait a minute!"
74 The Bourgeoisie Effect (Unique) Antoinette Icon (Unique) Lucrezia Icon
75 Choice Ride
(Mode of Transportation)
(Unique) Hannibal Icon
Hannibal "These so called horses you ride are not very comfortable to use."
Guinevere "Exactly what would you prefer to ride?"
Hannibal "Elephants."
Guinevere "Seriously? Are you saying we can use those animals with their cute, round eyes?"
Hannibal "You only say that because you don't know their true nature. Elephants are quite frightening!"
77 Ettarde's Interests (Second) Ettarde Icon (First) Gawain Icon
Ettarde "Say, Gawain! I really wanna see a beautiful flower from Lothian. Climb the highest peak and get one."
Gawain "You always come up with these impossible requests!"
Gawain "Gas... Wheeze... Here. You like it?"
Ettarde "Yeah. I guess it isn't much once it's in your hands. Ooh! Look at that hat! I want it!"
Gawain "I'm going to sock you one of these days..."

No. 2 Event Edit

No. Title Cards Story
88 Housewife (Support) Chianti Icon (Second) Pieke Icon
89 The Show Must Go On! (Support) Melt Icon (Second) Lava Icon (Support) Panzie Icon
93 Marginal Difference (Support) Hibernia Icon (Second) Sleet Icon
95 I'm Just a Girl (Support) Unia Icon (Second) Frances Icon

No. 3 Event Edit

No. Title Cards Story
98 In the Midst of Battle (Support) Tinia Icon (Support) Juanita Icon
Tinia "Juanita! Juanita!!!"
Juanita "Yaaawn...I'm so tired. What is it?"
Tinia "Get up! We're about to start the battle simulation! Everyone in the Round Table is taking part!"
Juanita "I get the gist of what you're saying. But there is no way I can fight against sleepiness. I'll join you when I wake up."
Tinia "Arthur, is she really a knight of the Round Table? Perhaps you should reconsider?"
99 Barely Awake (Support) Juanita Icon (Support) Candy Icon