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Million Arthur is a popular RPG originally designed by Square Enix. It was one of the most popular games in Japan. This wiki is solely for the Million Arthur Global edition by Gamevil. If you are looking for the SEA version, please refer to --->

[About Million Arthur]

■Be a real “King Arthur” by defeating other candidates for the throne  Every player is an Arthur, and a candidate for Britain’s throne.  Battle against other players and win to become the one and only true King Arthur.

■Create an army of strongest knights!  Get knight cards by exploring maps or winning in battles!  Try making the best deck with your favorite knights!

■Check out different stories as you level up!  Stories will be unlocked as the player levels up. The more you [Explore] or [Battle], the faster you will level up!

■Strengthen your knight cards!  You can [Synthesize] your cards to make the level up.  When the card reaches the maximum level, all the powers it had hidden will be unleashed!  You will notice that the card’s design will change, and it will become more attractive!

■Work with friends to subdue adversaries!  Adversaries whom you may encounter while exploring maps are not easy opponents. But if you manage to defeat them, you will get fantastic rare items!  It may be hard to subdue adversaries alone, but you don’t have to worry when you have friends to help you!


Pull Excalibur from its stone and prove that you are worthy of holding Britain's fate in your hands.  Defend the shores of Camelot from invaders across the southern seas.  Wield the power of your knights and become a legendary leader.  Become the one true King Arthur!

• Unfold the story and meet the characters inspired by Arthurian legend • Defeat the invaders and claim the throne as the true King Arthur • Build your team of knight cards • Collect beautifully crafted anime card art • Evolve your cards for stunning effects • Defeat adversaries with your friends

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