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Crowning a KingEdit

Episode 1Edit

Name Unlock at Reward
The Wielder of the Sword Start of the game
Reafe "You did it? You pulled Excalibur from the stone? W-Which means, you must be..."
Arthur "It wasn’t that hard, to be honest."
Reafe "You are as humble as you are mighty... But know that the sword has spoken - you are now ruler of all Britain!"
Reafe "You are the 983,067th person to wear the crown of Arthur!"
Arthur "..."
Arthur "Er, can I ask you a question? Forgive me if it sounds ignorant, but..."
Reafe "Go on, My Liege."
Arthur "Do you mean to say there were 983,066 people who pulled the excalibur before me?"
Reafe "Yes, exactly. 983,067 minus 1. You have a head for numbers, too!"
Merlin "Hmph... Reafe, I wish you didn't insist on mentioning this every single time."
Arthur "B-but Merlin, what is the meaning of this? Your chess board must be positively buried under a massive pile of kings!"
Merlin "Chess is merely a metaphor. After all, what kind of army consists of a mere eight pawns, hm?"
Merlin "And nowhere does it say that there is only one Excalibur. In fact, it would be most inconvenient if that were so."
Merlin "Excalibur may prove a person's ability to rule, but there are more potential monarchs out there than you think..."
Arthur "This monarch gig is more of a middle management position, isn’t it?"
Reafe "Anyway, we’ve got other things to discuss, so..."
Arthur "Like what!? This is my throne we’re talking about! Everything I’ve fought and struggled for!"
Merlin "Yes, and the throne is yours. Your responsibilities toward Britain have not changed..."
Merlin "Not the least of which is defending your kingdom against foreign Invaders..."
The Invaders Start of the game Exp
Merlin "First of all, you will need this. It is a model of the Round Table."
Arthur "...It looks like a game board."
Merlin "In a manner of speaking, yes. You must place your knight cards upon it in order to use their powers."
Reafe "Knight cards are placed in order of strength. Later on, you can edit the deck yourself."
Arthur "Do I really need this?"
Merlin "Foreign Invaders are afoot, young Arthur."
Mission Briefing
Reafe "Several foes are approaching from the Southern Seas. They intend to land somewhere close to Camelot."
Reafe "You must make haste to the coast, and drive off the would-be Invaders."
Merlin "The Invaders are merciless people. If they succeed in invading Britain, our people will not survive."
Reafe "You must hold the coast, do you understand? Please, for the sake of Britain!"
Arthur "My predecessor, Uther, was a wise and great ruler."
Arthur "But he is dead, and the Britain of old is no more."
Arthur "Of course our foreign enemies seek to take advantage."
Arthur "Repelled time and again by King Uther, the enemy host believes now at last is their chance."
Arthur "These are the Invaders I must face."
Scene Change
Arthur "There are so many of them! Must I really attend to every trifling foe we come across?"
Merlin (Radio) "Ordinarily, my answer would be no."
Merlin (Radio) "But you wield the Excalibur now! You must protect your kingdom at all costs. Never forget who you are!"
Battle against Giant Cyborg
HP 14352
Arthur "Gah! This is such a pain!"
Arthur "There are plenty of other bold warriors eager for a fight. Why not leave it to them?"
Merlin (Radio) "You must prove yourself. Fight hard, and above all, survive! Look! More enemies on their way!"
Time Skip
Arthur "(Hah...) Darn it, why am I so popular! Why can’t they pick on someone else? ...Still, they must be driven off..."
Reafe (Radio) "A formidable force is headed this way from the Southern Sea! It could be a dragon!"
Reafe (Radio) "Judging by its magical power, I’d say it is a Class specimen! You must meet the foe!"
Arthur "Can I just run!?"
The scene shakes...
Reafe (Radio) "Wh-what is happening? I’ve lost all Excalibur signals on the southern coast... Seems like many Arthurs were killed!"
Merlin (Radio) "I knew it... Our forces still aren’t strong enough!"
Arthur "We’re cut down like wheat before the scythe!"
Arthur "We’re the legendary wielders of Excalibur! We must not be defeated so easily!"
Reafe (Radio) "Class Dragon signal detected! Prepare for attack!"
Arthur "...!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "...What’s it doing?"
Merlin (Radio) "It appears to be retreating."
Merlin (Radio) "Taming such a huge dragon is never easy. One false move, and it will vaporize your army in an instant."
Arthur "That is what we must fight."
Arthur "Evil foes who would invade our realm."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "In any case, you have managed to beat back the invasion on the coast for now."
Reafe "We have lost many brave allies today, but we managed to stave off the worst."
Reafe "You did well out there, Arthur."
The Legend of the Lake 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Merlin "Arthur, might I have a word?"
Arthur "What is it now?"
Arthur "If you want me to go chasing after more foes, I’m going to play dead. I’ve been practising, you know."
Merlin "As a monarch, you should make better use of your time. A ruler has many duties beyond that on the battlefield."
Merlin "Arthur, remember I told you that as part of your duties as sworn ruler, you must govern a single town?"
Merlin "This is an important responsibility. You will not defeat the Invaders solely by defeating them on the battlefield."
Merlin "This is a war between nations. Not only the king should be strong, but the realm must be too."
Arthur "Well, I can assign those troublesome task to others. My people should learn how to look after themselves!"
Reafe "A strong realm and loyal people would be to your benefit."
Reafe "The knights registered to your Round Table obey the one who wields Excalibur."
Reafe "But you should know, their strength is tied to the growth and status of your town."
Arthur "In what way?"
Merlin "Come with me, and I shall explain. You must have realized by now that your knights are not just ordinary people."
Arthur "Well, now that you mention it... I was wondering what they are. I mean, they can be created, and combined..."
Scene Change
Arthur "Are they human at all?"
Merlin "Arthur, how familiar are you with the tales of the Ancients?"
Arthur "That they were a civilization that died out centuries ago. Their relics can be found in the forests and beneath the sea."
Merlin "Theirs was an era when man lived with the faeries, and the faeries looked after wondrous devices."
Merlin "The “Lake” was such ancient relic. I was able to repair it enough to make it operate."
Arthur "Gosh, really?"
Merlin "Oh yes. I even tinkered around with Reafe, who controls the Lake."
Merlin "Faeries cannot usually be understood by humans. As a fellow Briton, I'm sure I don’t need to tell you that."
Arthur "But what IS the Lake, exactly?"
Merlin "It is a device that can be used for many purposes. It was used to create Excalibur."
Merlin "It can also be used to create the life forms we call knights, as long as you have the blueprints."
Merlin "Long ago, we gathered the genes of the kings and great soldiers of Britain. But civil strife made them forgotten."
Arthur "So the faeries used their magical devices to make knights out of those genes."
Reafe "Knights are created from the genes of past kings and heroes. And the Knights are created to be even stronger."
Arthur " is unnatural."
Arthur "By resorting to such witchcraft, we make ourselves no better than the Invaders!"
Merlin "Perhaps that it is so."
Merlin "But the only way to end it now is to win the war. And the only one who can do that is you, young Arthur."
The Knight of Light 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Magic Resources 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Saving Cameliard (Boss Battle) 10 100 Friend Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 250 Friend Points
Princess Guinevere 12 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Love Is Mysterious 14 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
A Formidable Foe (Boss Battle) 16 1 Shellycoat
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(3) 500 Friend Points

Episode 2Edit

Name Unlock at Rewards
Analyzing the Enemy 18 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
The King`s Laundry 19 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Whispers of Conspiracy 20 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Create the Ultimate Knight 21 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
Judgment Time (Boss Battle) 22 100 Friend Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 500 Friend Points
The Green Knight 23 100 Friend Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket
Strategy 24 100 Friend Points
300 Gold
A Sword for Whom? 25

Episode 3Edit

Name Unlock at Rewards
Secret Dealings
Unanticipated Guests
An Unexpected Savior
Pumpkins and Witches
Leaning Towards Magic
A Watery Crossing
Infiltrate the Stronghold
A Witch`s True Colors
Three`s a Crowd

Episode 4Edit

Name Unlock at Rewards
A New Crisis
An Error of Judgment
The Siege of Orkney Castle
To the Bitter End (Boss Battle) 38